Where it all began

Adelamonica is the artist name of independent singer, songwriter Adela Claudia Monica Lewis. Born in Antigua West Indies, Adelamonica grew up in a household that was always filled with music. When her father, a church organist and choir master, wasn’t playing his favorite classical music compositions and church songs on the family record player, her mother was listening to the soundtracks from popular musicals and records from a wide range of popular sixties and seventies artists. Adelamonica and her siblings used to fantasize in their youth that they would become like the Von Trapp family singers from the Sound Of Music. But those dreams were forgotten by the time the family moved from their native Antigua & Barbuda to Brooklyn New York.

Adelamonica maintained a love for music throughout her life, writing songs without having any serious thought towards becoming a singer or song-writer. It was not until much later in life that she came to realize that singing and song-writing provided a comfortable and safe way for her to express herself. Once she came to that realization she made the decision to change her life through music.

The journey to songwriting

Throughout her life, Adelamonica has always cherished her love for singing. However, the idea of becoming a singer/songwriter remained a distant aspiration during her youth, seeming like an unreachable dream. The thought of pursuing these goals seemed daunting, as she lacked guidance on where to begin. Thus, her endeavors were limited to penning song lyrics and crafting vocal melodies without taking any concrete steps forward.

Adelamonica’s passion for singing and songwriting persisted, manifesting in recurring dreams throughout her life. In 2013, following the awakening from one of these vivid dreams, she mustered the courage to embark on her first attempt at creating a song for public consumption. Yet, her struggle with singing soon overwhelmed her, causing her to lose heart.

It was in the wake of another compelling dream, in January 2017, that Adelamonica found herself determined to try once more. From that point onward, she has been resolute in her pursuit, unwavering in her commitment to her passion and identity as a singer-songwriter. Adelamonica has continued to pour her heart and soul into writing and releasing songs, undeterred by the challenges faced as an invisible independent artist.

With each song she shares, she defies the odds, embracing the vulnerability that comes with putting her art out into the world. Despite the lack of a conventional platform or widespread recognition, Adelamonica remains steadfast in her belief that her music has the power to touch hearts and resonate with others.

Through her unwavering dedication and the sheer force of her talent, Adelamonica persists, refusing to let obstacles hinder her creative journey. Adelamonica’s path may be filled with hurdles, but she embraces them as stepping stones towards growth and self-discovery. With every lyric she pens, every melody she weaves, she paints a vivid portrait of her soul and leaves the rest to the will and intention of time.

Adelamonica’s journey as a singer-songwriter is an ongoing testament to her resilience and her unwavering spirit. With each song she releases, she defies the limitations imposed upon her, courageously forging her own path in celebration and expression of her aliveness.