Adelamonica is the creative alias of Adela Claudia Monica Lewis, an artist whose music is an exploration of expression and an extension of her inner narrative. With a discography that includes two albums and numerous singles, her sound doesn’t conform to a single genre but is a fluid journey through a variety of musical landscapes. Her artistry is a personal quest, each track a brushstroke on the canvas of her experiences.

In the world of music, where voices clamor to be heard, Adelamonica’s songs are whispered revelations, not seeking widespread acclaim but offering introspective glimpses to any who might listen. Her work is a solitary voyage, with success not defined by crowded venues or chart positions, but by the authenticity of her musical expression. Her albums are like open diaries, inviting listeners to partake in her story, one that is continuously unfolding.

Adelamonica’s music is a quiet conversation, a thought shared in the hopes of finding an echo in the void. Her approach to songwriting is unhurried and genuine, with each melody crafted as a piece of a larger discourse she hopes to have with the world. The absence of a wide audience does not diminish her voice; rather, it amplifies the courage in her persistent pursuit of artistic truth.

Her journey is a testament to the belief that music, even when it whispers, is a powerful force. It speaks of the artist’s commitment to her craft, the resilience to continue creating despite the echoes in an empty room. Adelamonica’s music stands as an invitation to experience, to feel, and to reflect, waiting for the moment when it will resonate with someone who understands the language of her songs. Her story in notes and lyrics is an ongoing narrative, seeking not the spotlight but a single understanding ear in which her music can find a home.

The journey to songwriting

Throughout her life, Adelamonica has always cherished her love for singing. However, becoming a singer/songwriter remained a distant aspiration during her youth, seeming like an unreachable dream. The thought of pursuing these goals was daunting, as she lacked guidance on where to begin. Thus, her endeavors were limited to penning song lyrics and crafting vocal melodies without taking any concrete steps forward.

Her passion for singing and songwriting persisted, manifesting in recurring dreams. In 2013, following the awakening from one of these vivid dreams, she mustered the courage to embark on her first attempt at creating a song for public consumption. Yet, the struggle with singing soon overwhelmed her, causing a loss of heart.

It was in the wake of another compelling dream, in January 2017, that she found herself determined to try once more. From that point onward, her pursuit has been resolute, unwavering in her commitment to her passion and identity as a singer-songwriter. She has continued to pour her heart and soul into writing and releasing songs, undeterred by the challenges faced as an invisible independent artist.

With each song she shares, she defies the odds, embracing the vulnerability that comes with putting her art out into the world. Despite the lack of a conventional platform or widespread recognition, she remains steadfast in her belief that her music has the power to touch hearts and resonate with others.

Through unwavering dedication and relentless perseverance, she persists, refusing to let obstacles hinder her creative journey. Her path may be filled with hurdles, but she embraces them as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. With every lyric penned and every melody woven, she paints a vivid portrait of her soul, leaving the rest to the will and intention of time.

Her journey as a singer-songwriter is an ongoing testament to resilience and an unwavering spirit. With each song released, she defies the limitations imposed upon her, courageously forging her own path in celebration and expression of her aliveness.”